Russia’s S-400 Is Testing By The Russian Sukhoi Airstrikes.

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Russian S-400 Is Testing By The Russian Sukhoi Airstrikes.

Российский S-400 тестируется российскими авиаударами Sukhoi.

The S-400 Triumf is a Russian long-and medium-range air defense missile system

S-400 system and its integral parts….
The S-400 Triumfcomprises the following:
• a combat control post;
• a three-coordinate jam-resistant phased array radar to detect aerial targets;
• six-eight air defense missile complexes (with up to 12 transporter-launchers, and also a multifunctional four-coordinate illumination and detection radar);
• a technical support system;
• missile transporting vehicles;
• a training simulator.

Technical characteristics
• target detection range – up to 600 km;
• aerodynamic target kill range – from 3 to 250 km;
• tactical ballistic missile destruction range – from 5 to 60 km;
• target destruction altitude – from 2 to 27 km;
• engageable target velocity – up to 17,300 km/h;
• the number of targets engaged at a time – up to 36 (up to six with one air defense missile complex);
• the number of simultaneously guided missiles – 72;
• the time of the system’s deployment from its march position – 5-10 min, the time of making the system combat ready from the deployed position – 3 min;
• the operational service life of ground-based systems – no less than 20 years, air defense missiles – no less than 15 years;

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