Namer Combat Engineering Vehicle (CEV) under Operational Evaluation

The Israel Defense Forces (IDF) is expanding the Merkava family of heavy armored fighting vehicles. The first platoon equipped with the new Combat Engineer Vehicle (CEV) variant of the Namer armored personnel carrier (APC) completed yesterday its first operational test in the Golan Heights, as part of an exercise with the armored engineering battalion of the IDF 188th armored brigade.

The video shows the Namer CEV crossing an anti-tank ditch and laying an assault bridge on another obstacle.

Heavily protected to the same level of Israel’s Merkava Mk4 tank, Namer CEV is equipped with the combat-proven Trophy HV active protection system. The Namer CEV will replace the ‘Puma’ CEV, based on obsolete Centurion chassis. Source: IMOD