Battle Stations: U S Carriers in the Pacific

Throughout the vicious Pacific struggle of World War Two, there was one class of fighting machines that were at the spearhead of every naval battle. Over 800 feet in length and at over 27 .000 tons, the Aircraft Carriers were the largest ships built by the US in World War Two. With the ability to launch hundreds of fighter bombers against shipping and island bases, they tore to the heart of the enemy. They wrought a terrifying destruction on the Japanese, and played a major role in the final victory against Japan.
The pride of the U.S. Navy Pacific fleet during WWII was the Essex Class aircraft carriers. They were able to launch hundreds of aircraft against the enemy with devastating results, and despite Japanese kamikaze attacks, not one Essex carrier was lost. Using archival footage, this film goes into battle and below decks with the Essex carriers, showing what it was like to serve aboard these floating cities during WWII.